Sadurn – Special Power

Letra “Sadurn – Special Power” Official Lyrics

I’m trying to distract myself cause I’m getting tired of crying my eyes out
Over you and over nothing
And maybe I’ll see someone else – it is meaningless, I do not feel it
I just want to feel like I’m a separate person

But there’s a slow leak in my tire, I just fill it up every other night
‘Cause after work I’m fucking tired
I just want to go back to bed and spend the next day inside
But I’m still having thoughts about you at night

And we had half a conversation while Jon was in the basement
About going our separate ways but just in thе same direction

I light a candle in thе shower, try to tap into my special power
I end up on my knees with the water all around me
So it’s ok what I’m feeling, it’s alright if I’m crying
And maybe there’s some good coming although I cannot find it
And I know that light humming on the back of my eyelids
And that your gravity’s nothing to the dark that surrounds it

But I remember being taken over by the feeling
So if you think that means that I’m over you you’re dreaming

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