Saigon – MF Effect

MF Effect – Saigon Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Saigon
We call this one “The MF Effect,” “The MF Effect.” Peep game

Verse 1: Saigon
They call it
MF, motherfucking metaphorical fire
Most fear my flow, my fashion is more flyer
Matter fact, the masses familiar with getting mind-fucked
For my family, my future, my friends, my four-five tucked
My fault. My face might favor my father, my fearless
Mind frame from mama, favorite material Ferragamo (MF)
Misfortunate motherfuckers misleading
For my fate is to be more famous than Morgan Freeman
More fire making fucking microphones malfunction
With MF, I DOOM, you motherfuckers moist as a muffin
Manifesting my future might feel marvelous
My fan club mobbing from Massachusetts to Florida
Massa, free my folk or end up in a minefield
Malcolm fought, Martin felt marching would keep our mouths filled
Man, many falsehoods make fathers miss fatherhood
Maybe from mama’s fantasy to monetize family

Interlude: Saigon
Abandoned Nation, nigga! Uh! Y’all know how it go. G Rap, what you got?

Verse 2: Kool G Rap
Why G Rap most feared? There’s many factors
Many factions of many… get many fractures. Mangle frames
Not the man to fold, dismantle foes, massacre flows
Mortuary rose’ll show ‘em how I manage folk
Parade on your party, metal firearms, Montana float
Move like the military forces, standing in cannon smoke
Much fishscale mountains of mad flaky
Fucked with that boy Kevin Spacey. Mad fellatio
From the mouth of Felicia. She loving these manly features
Captain Morgan fortunately in the freezer
One milligram of my fuego, you get freezed up (MF!)
Mob family boss, you Fredo, I stayed G’d up. Money function
You missed the discussion. Don’t mix ‘em for nothing
Your business little to nothing like when midgets is fucking
I’m from where the mugging is fluent, the robbery’s current
Main freaks of niggas reach out when their muffin is flooding

Verse 3: Saigon
My “MF Effect’s” like the new “Protect Ya Neck”
Y’all niggas gon’ respect the vets. When I
Do this type of shit, I call it “best of the best,” and when
G Rap sent his vocals back, I was rather impressed. We always
Doing the most, but, yet, nevertheless, they ain’t
Even get “Letter P,” and it’s “The MF Effect,” but hey
What I say? Doing Hip Hop My Way
M-dash-F Monday through Friday

Outro: Saigon
Ha! Y’all ain’t even catch that

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