Satyr (Atlanta) – Vector

Letra “Satyr (Atlanta) – Vector” Official Lyrics

Cauterize my deformed overture
Covet elevation
Restart my potential
Myopic aggravation
Called accountable
Enjoy everything you’ve found
Except their required
Malignant complications
Override execution
Violently perceptive
Alkaline designation uninspired
When I’ve found my euphoric
Disregard for another rival ascension

Caught between assimilations
Hesitant repression will still rеmain
Now begin to comprehend
Our manifеsted secrets on display
I’ve decided my relation
Towering exalt
Meandered ambitions evolved
Reclaim my receded expenditure
Whatever allowed distribution
Discern my inevitable deficit
Compose another exoneration
Stare as competition usurps each astral position
Envied end
(Where can I find out)
Tolerate their callousness
Evade defamation
Profit off its prominence
Claimed it’s virtuous
Illustrated end
Complements called infallible
Uninspired deference
Exhibitional entertainment lies
Hold my deficient regard in sound esteem
Engage my resentment
Cower at the thought of insufficient extents
Debase intimate execution enterprise

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