Scorey – No More

Letra “Scorey – No More” Official Lyrics

[Verse]… nigga, uh (Uh)
So that you clean, I bet, I’ll make it dirty
I just murder my shit, make it murky (Uh)
I’m not perfect at all, but I’m learning
Feel like droppin’ that magic, don’t purge it (Droppin’ that magic)
When it rains, it pours
But lately it feel like it’s storming (But lately it feel like it’s storming)
I feel like I put all the niggas before me, don’t care about how it gon’ hurt me (Uh)
Damn I make ‘em like me no more (Uh-uh), me no more (Uh, oh)
This batshit crazy, some days I don’t even wanna be me no more (Uh, oh)
And I swear life can turn you so heartless from a sweet young boy (Uh, oh)
And last night Leah came in my dreams, told mе stay the fuck away from them streets on road (Stay the fuck away)
If you likеd to be prayed for, we did it
Can’t believe we finally winnin’ (We finally winnin’)
Spend years sittin’ on the bench, they ain’t ever let me play and the screamin’ (And they screamin’)
I know kids in love wit’ my image (Love wit’ my image)
But I ain’t the one that you mimic (I don’t wanna see–)
I was knee-deep wit’ them trench kids, they some young-heartless bros, chillin’ (Young-heartless bros, chillin’)
And this snow, bitch you know we ain’t shovin’ in, we was just thuggin’ in all of winter (All of winter)
Might starve and die, fucking wit’ grass, we got him a jerky one, all spinach (All spinach)
They put niggas right up in that menu, now they havin’ a squad dinner (Squad, yeah)
Think it’s harder for me to forget you (Oh), maybe you had the wrong nigga (The wrong nigga)
They be…

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