Scruffpuppie – white rooms

white rooms – Scruffpuppie Lyrics Letra:
Painting white rooms white
While the blue pill dissolves inside tonight
It’s 6 am, i haven’t been
This worried sick since my last binge
You take the ‘M’, it makes you thin
Forget the things you always did
I want to stop, i never will
I can’t slow down
It’s hard to build myself from where i was
3 months before you came and left me sore
You promised so much to my face
And spit right back, i can’t erase

And I’m psychotic
Brain’s a mess
I took too long, to not regret
I need a break from all these things
But what’s the point if you aren’t here with me?

And it’s tearing everyone to pieces
Soaring, wailing
How to fix this?
We’ve been strung out
Broken light tweaks
We aren’t lonely, but we’re hopeless
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