Seaning – Turbulence

Letra “Seaning – Turbulence” Official Lyrics


Uh, look

Verse 1

Argh! You catch me rollin’ up, I’m back up in the scene
I been lapping, you want to come up and battle with the team
Uh, you been lackin, your gravity gon’ deplete
See you wanna climb the ladder but you paddlin’ in deep water
I teach all of you magic you never seen
You a tragedy to happen, you wack and you gonna be slaughtered
You knees folding, your beats holding you up
You are weak, moldy, you’re salty that I don’t give a fuck, uh
I make it bump, I’m stacking to build
I pop the cap up off the bottle but you capping for real
You’re fucking tragic, you’re slacking up, grabbing the quills
You gotta catch it up, pack it up, I’m back in the field
Uh, what is the deal? The beat banging
I keep saying when I leave, they’ll be screaming for more
But keep waiting, an- an- and keep hating
I’m street racing through the scene, they be screaming for Sean, huh


Yeah, (Ahh), haha, screaming for Sean
(They be screaming for what?)
Yeah, they be screaming for Sean like (Ayy)
Uh, yo they be screaming for Sean (They fuckin’, they fuckin’)
Yeah, like, yo they be screaming for Sean, argh!

Verse 2

A dirty bastard like I’m Ason
On stage, I kick it off just like a bass drum
I’m aiming for the apex, the destined ability
Come with your best when I step into the facility
Gonna wreck that beat, better yet I’m a drill this flow
Claim you can free? Let ‘em see but will he? No
You’re silly bro, you’re nill just like my million foes
Unwilling to grow, I’m gritty, and I’m clipping the throne
Bro, we bring the hype to the scene, the titans, the kings
We guiding and we’re rising to peaks that you would dream off
We dreamed, now we just seek forth, no sleep and no weeks off
Bringing that heat source
We bring it clean, exceeding our hopes
My B-D-E undefeated, it’s Seaning, you know
I’m leaving ‘em frozen, deep in the sea all alone
I beast on a flow, you’re wheezing and fiending to know, huh


Damn, aw shit and they’re fiending to know (Shit)
How the fuck do I do it? They’re fiending to know
My bro, nah (What?) Leave ‘em fiending to know, huh
Yuh, uh, I leave ‘em fiending to know, huh!

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