SEBii – 11:11

Letra “SEBii – 11:11” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Oh, now darling
You’re always someone who
Having it’s hard for you to choose
Well I made it easy
Moved across the country from you
Had to find your dream, it hasn’t been so easy
I’m stuck here alone at night
Why am I so afraid of the dark?
Why’d you have to shut me out and make a mark
California dreaming hasn’t been so easy
I’m trying my best to get through
Why is it so easy for you to move on?
I’m starting to forget that name of the song
Here comes the rain, all of the pain
Stopping myself from my entire stupid life


Darling (darling, darling)
Darling (darling, darling, darling, darling)
Why’d you (why, why, why’d you, why’d you)
Leave me (leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me)
I (I, I, I)
Have (have, have, have, have)

Verse 2

I miss you
I hope you’re doing okay
Believe me when I tell you
This state is driving me insane, insane
When I say again
I never wanted this to happen
From friends to lovers
Now you’re just a stranger to me

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