SEBii – Aici la (voice memo tape)

Letra “SEBii – Aici la (voice memo tape)” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

The first time I saw your face
Those pretty eyes, I know them by face
I know you, but I’ll make sure you’re my caller, and you ought to be
I know him, but I need something to you
Sure, you’ll be here


Never seen love bring so much pain
I see it all, doesn’t make any sense anymore
But this is the last of my heart
I want you to be here when I walk alone
With my shadow, my heart is broken, I know what I am, I deserved it, I’m hopeless
Nevеr felt like this beforе
Never had you so I’ve never felt like this before
Not him, and now I don’t know if I can prepare anything
I just don’t know what to say, and I guess I really never thought I did, and I really don’t
And I really hope this doesn’t change things between you and me, but if it does, goodbye
Goodnight, Phillips

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