SEON – Break Me Down

SEON – Break Me Down Lyrics Letra:
I been trying hard but I still fail
Little bit depressed I don’t know if you can tell
Tell me I’m on earth but I feel like I’m hell
Cause my heart has been burned by the time in that cell

My mistakes I can’t them back but I wish I could
I Wasted too much of times on the on thing that were never good
Selling drugs to get the money that I would just never need
Had 10 racks inside my pocket but i knew that it would leave

Was in college but got kicked out
They take away my dreams
I Had plans to be a teacher now they tell me can’t be
I’m a 3 time felon but I’m still not free
Now I’m just another loser that will never succeed

(Remember that day she ran inside of my room
Crying needing help but I didn’t what to do
Wish I woulda killed him but she told me not too
Never said he sorry for what he has done to you

But I guess I’ll take the blame
Shoulda never left you alone on that day
Add one more to the list my mistakes
All I do is fail how do I have faith

In a world filled with suffering
There will never come a time I love again
Anyone I love always losing them
Think I’ll be better off when im dead

Break me down
Falling out

But I’m free now trying not to bleed out
From the wounds that I still hate to talk bout
Quit drugs and I’m really trying to move on
Tell me how to cope with the scars and a
broke heart

Some times I have hope it’ll be okay
Other days I think that the feelings never gonna change
Some days when I wake dont wanna be here
Other days smile on my face I can see clear

But I guess that’s life listen to the lies that I hear in mind
Like when I say I’m fine but I know that’s a lie
Cause I really wanna die it will never be alright

Sometimes I can’t make change when i want
I’m addicted to the pain and I don’t think it ever stop
Welcome to my world darkside of my thoughts
When I Open up a little i guess now you know a lot

I feel like I could never find the peace
Or see the light that everybody say they see me
Because I’m stuck onto the past and how I used to be
It don’t matter where I am I know I’m never free

Break me down
Falling out

Break me down
Falling out

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