SG ALI – Project Flow

Project Flow Lyrics
SG ALI – Project Flow Lyrics

At The Candy House Support Black Owned
Start My Own Business On My Trap Phone
Young Nigga Starving All He Know Is Get The Crack Gone
Free Streets Ima Say It still He Back Home
I Been Sipping Lean Everyday
I Been Gettin Green Everyway
We Gone Make A Nigga Mean What He Say
Ask About Us They Ah Tell U Inna Greenz We Don’t Play
Nigga U Think I’m Flodging
Got Big Shìt Even When It Ain’t The 4th We Get It Popping
I Know That Be Watching I Always Leave Em Shocking
I Grew Up Innna Projects I Know All About The Bottom
I Come From The High Rises Ramps Had Ghetto City View
They On See It Yet But It’s Gone Show That I’m Thе City Truth
Posted Onna L But I’m Str88 Up Out Them Billins Too
Snaked Dutty Out His Primе Man Look What Competition Do
And I’m Still Inna Hood Till I Make It Out
Tryna Put A Couple Ms In My Bank Account
Can’t Wait To Get Us Out The Hood Say We Safer Now
Lil Bro Nem Stay Up Off Them Xans They Be Blanking Out
My Lil Brudda Nem Loose Screws They A Take U Down
Any Nigga Ever Try Me They Gone Shake The Town
U Rock With The Opps They Cool U Ain’t Safe Around
Heard Some Money On My Head Pistols Stay Around
I Know What I’m Destined For I Can’t Play Around
Staying Focus Staying True And I’m Staying Down
Shots Up On The Side Few More Mans Down
All Day Up In My City Ambulance Sound
I Feel Like I’m 40 Cal Sometimes
I Done Took A L A Thousands
Wright Or Wrong I Ride Wit
Know Some Secrets Got Some Secrets Ima Dir With Mine
Addicted To That Lean Taking Line After Line
They Ain’t Talking Money Hit Decline All The Time
Ion Care About The Rain When It’s Done Ima Shine
Even When I Reach My Goals I Ain’t Done Ima Grind
Cuz I Come From The Mud
Ain’t No Such Thing As Enough Is Enough
Never Gave Up When Life Got Tough
Put That Money Inna Box Fill It Let It All Add Up
Tryna Save For Some Rainy Days
Sipping Lean Take The Pain Away
If You Here Hope U Came To Stay
Don’t Compare To These Rappers Ain’t The Same As They

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