shofu & Token Black – Marvelous

Marvelous – shofu & Token Black Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Token Black
Ayy, ayy
Token Black, bitch!
Ayy, shout my nigga Shofu
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Verse 1: Token Black and Shofu
Bitch, I feel like Logo Lillard how I’m pullin’ up from half court
Flyin’ out the country, all these stamps in my passport
Money conversations, shit be soundin’ like a math course
I been out here winnin’, what the fuck you niggas mad for?
I made all this money off a little focus
Little niggas talkin’, they got more money than Little Token
I done had a plan, hit my niggas, put that shit in motion
Ain’t no limits out to where we goin’, welcome to the show
I be writin’ all these scriptures like I’m Edgar Allan Poe
They ain’t fuckin’ with the flow, so I put them niggas under it
(That’s a fuckin’ bar, bruh)
And I ain’t dumb that shit down for you stupid niggas, I done had enough of it
Ayy, I need more Nike, I don’t wear enough (Ayy, ayy)
Token Black and Shofu, niggas scared of us
Demon Slayer swag and smokin’ purple like wisteria
Watchin’ all y’all Twitter beeifin’, but I just don’t care enough
I ain’t jumpin’ in on Twitter beef, these niggas ain’t as lit as me
I tried to tell these niggas I got better shit to do
All your punches still ain’t hittin’ me like no contact delivery
These niggas always talkin’ but they never really move
Ayy, and that’s why I don’t fuck with you
Tryna see the bigger picture, can’t just look in front of you (Facts)
Really feel I lost a little hearin’, had a blunt or two (Uh)
You tryna make it up the mountain, Token who you run into (Ayy)
I be at the canopy (Ayy)
Y’all gon’ need some doctors, got me watchin’ Grey’s Anatomy
I ain’t put my atlas where they were, why you mad at me?
Cypher is the gang, but it’s actually a family
So stop tryin’ to get in, little nigga, we at capacity

Interlude: Token Black
And get the fuck outta my comments talkin’ ‘bout
“Bro, this guy’s dope, you gotta get him on Cypher Gang!”
The answer is no
We OG’s in this shit, built this shit for 10 years
Shofu, talk to em! Let em know what’s up!

Verse 2: Shofu
How you niggas broke as shit but ain’t got nothin’ to do?
You was waitin’ for a meal, I was huntin’ for food
You can’t get me out my character, got nothin’ to prove
We kill everybody you love and then we comin’ for you, bitch
No Giannis, I just care about the big bucks
Had to trim the fat around my circle like it’s nip tuck
You worried ‘bout another man, I’m worried ‘bout my income (Cash, nigga)
I need all my dividends and then some
I keep a clip tucked, I figured it out
The more you gas these nobodies’ shit, the bigger they mouth (Facts)
I be makin’ all this money, I just sit in the house
We been talkin’ so much shit, I bet they sick of us now
The jig is up, we gon’ find out what they really about
When I’m pullin’ up to they city, bet they never come out
Smoke that nigga like a doobie, now his head in the clouds
I been ballin, I can run it with the best of ‘em now
It’s serious, shit remarkable
You should’ve known you done fucked up when you started us
Niggas play around like I don’t be sparrin’ with Spartacus
They target us, the Tommy bust
That nigga gon’ get hit so many times, you hear a Marvelous
We ain’t lookin’ for approval from you trash niggas
Rap out the dictionary ass niggas
You ain’t shit without your echo chamber ‘round you, or your ass kissers
Run up on me, nothin’ fake about this strap, nigga
I get the money, let my niggas split the excess
Nigga, this is nothing, you ain’t even seen my best yet
Fuckin’ with the gang, that nigga need to get his head checked
The stick will leave a dent up in his afro like a headset
You ain’t dead yet? Playin’ dead your best bet
Am I the best? Yes, pistol straight from Red Dead
I’m the bar you gotta bench press
Heavy ass nigga, you gon’ end up on your deathbed

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