Shoji Meguro – No More What Ifs

No More What Ifs

Shoji Meguro

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

People come and they go
Some people may stay with you though
I am all alone tonight and I kept on
Asking myself questions

Conceited I was at time
I never really doubted myself
But tonight got me thinking about it all
If I am the fool or what not

I do not
Regret with my choices I’m rather proud
Ooh yet I know I won’t change
Because I can only be me so

How can I be so sure?
At a crossroads I’m afraid too
But I can’t let fear get the best of me
Someone once said burn my dread babe

Who knows what tomorrow holds?
Just wanna live my life the way I want
What fills up my soul is passionate
Music that makes me want to sing

My story will be starring me just like yours ooh ooh
Who knows when will it end
What matters most is how you bring joy to life so

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