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Silver Lining – Stay

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Silver Lining – Stay Lyrics, Letras:

Last night, September 10th was supposed to be the day we dreamed of
Our lips finally meet, our hands finally touch
Watching movies and never leaving bed is all I want
Hours spent, days wasted working up to this moment, now it’s taken
Your bright smile, your infectious laugh, everything that made who you are
I hate this sickness, it consumes me too
Speaking over the phone, please don’t give up on me
Trying to save you over this godforsaken phone
Please don’t give up on me

I’m not going to lose you. Always know that I’m here for you

No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you cry
Remember that i’ll be here to comfort you until the day i die
You’re confident, you’re smart, you’re funny
Why would you want to extinguish someone so beautiful?
Just so you know, without you i wouldn’t be able to breathe

Please just stay for a little longer, I promise it’ll be okay
Please stay for a little longer, I adore you
Please just stay for a little longer, because you deserve life
Just stay for a little longer, or I won’t either

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