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Simple Creatures – Thanks, I Hate It

Thanks, I Hate It – Simple Creatures Lyrics, Letra:
Throw another penny in the fountain
Leave my dead body on the side of a mountain
You bathe in the light of a trash fire
I see the stars in the eyes of a vampire

I’m too sweet to be salty about it
Too sour to be happy without it
I’m just here for your entertainment
I spit my teeth out on the pavement

Am I good enough for you

I don’t owe you anything
But I give you everything
Watch you pile it up and sing
Thanks, I hate it
No you’re never satisfied
Now you wanna run and hide
Can’t you look me in the eyes and say
Thanks, I hate it

I know I meant nothing to ya
Crucify me, hallelujah
Make believe that we will never change

Stay the same but kinda different
Read my mind but say you didn’t
Hurry up so I don’t have to wait

Just shut up and take the stage
This outrage is all the rage
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