Sipp Rogers – Carter 11 Wayne

Carter 11 Wayne Lyrics
Sipp Rogers

“ok.. 98 juvie widdah Gold fronts, he got ah Retro Feeling, King Kong in yah city don’t be dumb End Of being lunch.. Nuh Huh whateva works, Random my weather prepare 4 Worse, Surf dem channels all off Country grammar, fam years in the Making, Raps from ah real niggah FUCK WIDT MEH”

Aye.. ok, U fuckn’ widdah Real1 Hol’ up, Black folk music 4 my Culture Bro don’t get meh Started, ehhh Boi Stop it, work yah Pivot, it Made meh ah Monster, No Commentttt, 6th grade he wrote tah Dear Summer, by Jay Z..
New niggas trash cuz dey lazy, Can u keep ah Secret? Wayne was Hot at dah time i only write it cuz he did it ..FACT, Had no reason, Now I’m What dah game missing, Less talent More focus on Image, nigga if any, but yeeen hear dat from meh doe, Money can’t buy em’ Style, her panties damp when i kinda Smile, number after 9, wow.. Imagine If i really Actually Tried, Oh God, Plot twist only Strive tah make mah Momma Proud.. her 3rd Child, Serving niggas Line after line, aye i be Damned!! if i never get mine, Cause ah Riot, Ima dieee n’ dah Struggle, when dah laws Clapping brothers, by dah way it was on Camera.. Oh ok den, Dats how we playin’? aye Dodging dah Box don’t give it chance, mah principals Street.. Easily he Eating y’all Sleep, fuck pleasing people if dah energy not equal Nah’meen? ..aye, Luther king Dream, if anything Sink or Swim mean Saying, Hello 2 mah little, Cheeseeee.. look up Marlon, pissing off insecure ppl while n’ dah Process, Why u argue? cuz u mad huh?

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