SKA – She’s In Love Again

She’s In Love Again


Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Oh wow for me she gonna fall
In love again, but this time she can not pretend
Oh yeah I’m lighting it all between her legs
I am about to see this bitch ops she bad

What’s your name? Liz
It’s a pleasure to meet yah
I’ve been sliding on your dm, yeh
I’m excited to see yah

you just want to be my friend
But I’m hella down to make it all change
Ain’t Nothing going to be the same
Just give it us a chance

I make you my baby mama
Ima put a Ring on your finger
Ima be your real nigga
Yeah Liz your real nigga

It’s just a chance
I will satisfy your desires
Let’s make some grands
I’m not one of those liars

I’ve Been locked up for a year
Eu não quero você só como minha amiga
Quer amizade, que seja colorida
Eu te garanto que será minha joia escolhida

So many Ruby around me
but you are my special diamond
If you come look for me you can find me
The pretty diamond you ever wanted ima buy it

You left me on read
But I know will make it up
We going straight to bed
Let’s get high as fuck

Can be hotel or we can go to my house
Anytime you need me you should call me
All the moves I make they follow
Ska to the world coming from São Paulo

Oh wow for me she gonna fall
In love again, but this time she can not pretend
Oh yeah I’m lighting it all between her legs
I am about to see this bitch ops she bad

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