Skillibeng – Mission

Mission – Skillibeng Lyrics Letra:

Verse 1

Guh pon mission
Mi and mi glock mi have di Chopstick
And mi abe di plan fhi dat
Have di Rifle a claat wid ambition
Gunshot a claat inna yuh head
Nuh ambulance cyaah save dem deven hospital deal
Wid tactical dominant
From people fi dead mi addi top killa
From mi a Todd mi a deal wid badness
And gun

Verse 2

Work di transmission mission began
Nuh taxi cab
Mhi use fhi dat mission di caps mi have mi strap
Mission nuh confession left crime
Fi solve di Babylon
Blood up yuh carpet and left heart
A stock because mi lacks mi nuh mi…
All mi wah is a one fhi call rap flick off yuh cap
Mi dawk till all mi heart a black
Wi nuh guh done run off yuh mouth
A wah yuh need mhi rise mi thing
Aguh run brand new fifty scope
Pon eh beam tell reverse mi nuh back out

Verse 3

Wi link Digicel fi di chip dem
Mi glick nuh normao out fire dat wicked
Mi live fi kill dis is living
Nuh game is not Gallus
Gwaan like di killa dem
Gwaan bad up gwaan chat
Till uno fall a gground
Caah unu nuffi ramp wid di…
Guh all around Chopstick wicked wah madly
From dem si mi wul on guh off nuh mask
Coward bun off yuh taught
Yuh bad yuh nuh guh lose a chop
Yuu gone in one second yuh not special
Good day di key a lounge
Don’t forget mi bad
Mi build fi dat is not because mi strap
Wid all mi play wid dat trigger
Kill ah mi nuffi chat di K duh dat

Verse 4

Build way fi shot SLR building di stand
Killing began nuh diss di don
Wi kill fi laugh
Wi kill wi dawg ready to war
Believe or believe not
Wi evil and release yuh mag
Yuh plead yuh not wi cyaah finish him off
Finish wi gone suh mystical
Everyone still evil suh delete di ads
A we di gods


Sih easy yeah suh easy (3x)

Verse 5

Dawg wi nuh fraida yuh money
Money kill dem up and gunning full up a clip
Done eh done eh top killa
Jump out tidy or sunny run out
Mean and ugly fat shif inna head till a man drop
Wi a knock dat

(Repeat Verse 1)

Skillibeng – Mission

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