Slatt Zy – 3 K’s

Slatt Zy – 3 K’s Lyrics Letra:
I’m a smooth young nigga from the trenches out them projects
Woah shit I’m feeling woozy on these hi-tech
Percocets got a nigga feelin biased
Been up on these niggas i aint trying
17 got a key to the city
Rich young nigga buy my bitch some new titties
He can talk reckless but you knowin’ that I’m wit it
Pop the trunk get the pump imma put some hoes in this fitty
The city screamin murdaaaa we love that murdaaaaa
They screaming don’t hurt us
If I want em dead word to god I ain’t payin
Rush hour choppin get to/the kickin Jackie Chan
Say they schemin on a nigga they gon need a better plan
When I hop out with this mack imma fill em up with ten

[Hook] if the bitch say a word swear to god a nigga laying
Free My niggas out the cage pigs got him in a can
3k’s in this bitch like we Klu Klux Klan
Say my partner got the tweak gotta pop another xan
V-12 go vroom vroom vroom
Big glock on my side go boom boom boom
Wanna fuck told that bitch we can get another room
Cartier with the rollie bitch im lookin too cool

[2x] (Pew Pew Pew)
(Boom Boom Boom)
(Pew Pew Pew)
(Boom Boom Boom)
(OG Parker)

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