slchld – ​maybe we need a break

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aybe we need a break Lyrics

Verse 1
Two hands tight together, I’ll wait
Until the day you come back to me (Back to me)
When the leaves fall down, what should we do now?
And I tried
Stay by morning if you aren’t done (If you aren’t done)
I might just leave forever (Leave forever)
I can’t wait forever
Voice what’s on your mind to me

Why won’t you open up?
I’m at the limit of my own patience too
Now it’s your only chance to say what you wanna say (Ooh)
Say what you wanna say (Ooh)
I’ve run out of patience, baby
Say what you wanna

Verse 2
Start by saying how was your day, baby
Know you wanna run away from it
Think that I was gonna drown from all your stories, yeah
Thought I couldn’t take it, well, you’re mistaken, yeah
All I got in my mind right now (Ooh)
Tryna make you feel like yourself
Open up to yourself (Ooh, ooh)
To be honest, we might fall apart
But until then, I’ll be trying to make your days better

I don’t want to see you break (Break)
Always saying that you’re fine and okay
Tell me the truth, what’s bothering you?
If it’s me, let me know
But I don’t think that’s the case
I just want to hear you say (Say)
Tell me what you like and hate (Ooh)
You’ve been so stiff and I wanna break
Maybe a KitKat or two with you (Ooh)
Maybe a KitKat or two with, two with you (Ooh)
Say what you wanna say (Ooh, ooh)
Maybe a KitKat or two with you (Ooh, ooh, ooh)


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