SLIMEBOI – Throw Up Freestyle

Letra “SLIMEBOI – Throw Up Freestyle” Official Lyrics

(Aye, grrah!)
Slime (Grrah, grrah, grrah!)
Slime in the studio, smokin’ on dank (Pah pah!)
Bad bitch, gimme some brain (Gimme some brain!)
Aye we fuckin’ this shit up man

Weon fight, better grow up (Pah!)
Two drums, stick up, load one (Load one)
Black truck, one call, show up
One op, 10 ops, weon give no fucks (No fucks!)

Bitch get stitched, get sewed up (Sewed up!)
Euphon, two cups, soda
Pour some
Three lil’ hoes for a foursome
Got ‘bout 10x that in a low month (Yuh)

Pack color Barney, no Yoda (No Yoda!)
From the slums to the 8, lil’ glow up
Junkies around the block, they know us
Neck look like a motherfuckin’ gold rush

She a hoe so I won’t trust
Keep sendin’ me pics, Ion show nun
Hit him in the gut, do a low crunch
Spin around the block, we want more fun
Yeah we leave more dust (Grrah)

It get hot on this block, it don’t snow much (Snow much!)
These bullets gon’ eat his ass for lunch
Do it with his girl around, make the bitch throw up (Blaargh)
And bro gon’ do the same thing, she better make no fuss (Shut up!)

Better make no fuss, no cuss
Big bad wolf finna blow us
Three big puffs
Now the bitch ain’t sober
I mow her
I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout Cousa, I’m leavin’ her whole stuffed (Bitch!)

Swear I play all my hoes like its poker (Yuh)
Throw it back, way back, she buss it down lower
Clownin’ these niggas like joker
Make big bank like a broker
Rippin’ up dank like a stoner

Whole block smell the odor
Ion hit if the head mediocre
Nor if she fat I ain’t touchin’ no ogre
Picky motherfucker, no loner

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