Slimelife Shawty – Freestyle

Freestyle Lyrics
Slimelife Shawty – Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah who the fuck is Slimelife Shawty
Who is he
Hey hey come in up here
Nile I hear you
This sound like Quell

Pull up like a motor I really got older
I know I be trippin’ when I be too sober
I’m gon’ fuck you over, yeah over and over
LA for a week, fucked around rent a Rover
Shawty got hot I might fuck ‘round the toaster
I don’t do what I want, I do what I’m supposed to
When I find my haters no need for a holster
Ain’t no barricades, I’m runnin’ you over
Told my opps I say that shit every time
Fuck what you bang, fuck you and your sign
Fuck what you bang, fuck killin’ your count
I’m runnin’ with slimes, thе big old slimes (so slime)
I put a fifty on the .9, yеah I bet that bitch off a dime
He think he a gangster, ‘cause he keep a weapon
Now he doin’
Goddamn, I bet your hoe knows who I am
On the E-Way get some top in drop, she be moppin’ my shit like goddamn
No hoes here but I’m guapo
Get hit in your top-o
For think that this shit be sweet
When I’m in these streets I’m like a pothole
Fuck a nigga life
He think he tough
Nah he bluff
Think he can’t get touched
I really tryna’ put a nigga up
I’m tryna’ stress ‘em bad
These niggas be stressin’ bad
What y’all look stressin’ at
He tried the vibe and god blammed
On my side homicide, homicide on my side, homicide on my side
? be graffiti, it ain’t nothin’ but madness
My side like Jurassic, goddamn
Hah goddamn
I like sayin’ goddamn
Neighbours seen the drop they say goddamn
Thinkin’ in school, I wasn’t breakin’ the rules
I was keepin’ my cool and keepin’ my tool
Only to fuck on my teacher
I ain’t never tell her but shit I bet she knew
I bet she peeped out I’m better than dudes
Your bitch she see I’m better than you
On the one there with the pants
She ain’t my bitch, but she do what I tell her to
Nah for real, I’m hard to kill
Put me on the truck ‘cause I’m ridin’ them
And I ain’t got no flight like them
Came out the lot in G ride
They gettin’ loud on the east side
I’ma put my pedal to the metal
Middle fingers up, I ain’t throwin’ no peace sign
Fuck them boys for life

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