Slimesito – Out On Bond

Out On Bond Lyrics

Rich slime, yuh, ayy
Dolan on the beat nigga
On gang, yuh
Big B’s nigga, yuh

Shoot the whole scene, I ain’t leavin’ no witness
Quick draw shoot a nigga like I’m Pippen
Everyday servin’, you know I’m consistent
Carbon .15, hittin’ shit from distance
Muslim been with me and she rockin’ Christian
I trap when I want I never ask for permission
Countin’ this money, I’m doin’ the dishes
Got a pole on me like I’m goin’ fishin’
Play with the birds like a fucking magician
Get to them racks, man that’s just strong addition
Double down straps when I slide on a mission
VVS fighting like an exhibition
Shooters on go like they play for the Pistons
I set his ass up, yeah I caught him slippin’
Got some young slimes on the block and they trippin’
Double down sticks when trap out the kitchen
Yeah, know I got aim like I’m pitchin’
Feel like Ray Lewis, way a nigga blitzin’
Off a Perc’ 10, now it got me itchin’
Fucked up off lean but a nigga still sippin’
Fifty up and I got ‘em hidden
Shoot your ass up if you made that decision
Strapped up, all my niggas pull up spinnin’
Got some real plugs and they trappin’ in Memphis
I slide with two Glocks when I trap out the trenches
I got some real shooters with me like assistants
Yeah, in the trap, I gotta flip it
My big
? and you know she Crippin’
Chop start singing like it’s
Can’t trust shit ‘cause niggas move suspicious
I’m out on bond tryna duck a conviction
Shot his ass up, now that boy need forensics
I need that money, yeah I need my digits
Two foreign bitches with me and they kissin’
Got a bad bitch but she don’t wanna listen
Racks to that bitch, and that ho rockin’ inches
In the trap beating up doors off the hinges
Slimed your OG, now that nigga want vengeance
Nigga want smoke, I pull up in them Benzes
Shoot the whole scene if that nigga want attention
Spend a lil’ band just to better my lenses
You not no OG, man you is a peasant
Nigga want beef, he get smoked like a seven
I got some young shooters and got some felons
I had the Uzi on me in ’07
Fresh as fuck at the pulpit like a reverend


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