Smokingskul – Chicken Wing Lyrics

Chicken Wing Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah, AK pistol get a nigga gone the fast way
I got dead opps in my lungs, fuck a ash tray
In a backyard again, I’m a castaway
Niggas who was dissin’ again, they all passed away
We got drums, chicken wings
All these rackies speak my lang’
I’m on bullshit, Luol Deng
He went in that court and sang
He went in that court and talked
Niggas don’t be on the block
I caught me like twenty opps
Yo bitch come in here and shop
Nigga, you is not no thug
I do not fuck with the dubs
808s slide with a sub
Bitch, I never faked a mug
Bitch, I never faked that shit
All that cappin’, save that shit
Walk ‘em down up on that strip

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