Kendre got, hold on, hold on (Kendre got smoked, ‘bout to roll him right now)
Kendre got smoked, ‘bout to, alright
You sure you wanna go there?
Drilltime, what you cookin’ up?

Kendre got smoked by the police
I fuck with jit, so I’ma leave him out the wood and smoke Pete
Durk got killed by his homie, shit was so crip
Foolio a bitch and an ashtray lowkey
Vonta got pushed out the car, so he roll easy
This nigga mama got shot and he still tweakin’
This nigga bitch got shit, cool, I know she leavin’
They shot that hoe’sfinger off, she couldn’t even tweet it, ayy
Aye, Benz gang, throw your mothеrfuckin’ B’s up
They don’t hate on Brooklyn no more, thеm niggas eased up
RodK died, he was spinnin’, guess he freezed up
Fuck his last words ‘cause the last thing he seen was us, ayy
Niggas know we get it poppin’
Of course I might miss in the Range, but I can hit a movin’ target
Shoo- Shootin’ for his head, I fuck ‘round and hit his body
I’m just shootin’ and I’m sprayin’, I fuck ‘round and hit his partner, go, ayy
Where my motherfuckin’ cool at?
Spinabenz the new wave, like a motherfuckin’ durag
Spaazz2x got dropped, how he do that?
Scrollin’ through his phone and he’ll talk, thought you knew that? Ayy, Mookie died in slow motion
Jug died, hurricane season, they still blowin’
Drinkin’ dead opps, I’m sleepin’ and still pourin’
Teki wastin’ time on the plug, he dead and they don’t know it, ayy
I said Teki, but you thought I said TK
Cool, I heard they did Mookie like some liquor, hold on, hold on
Cool, I heard they did Mookie like a bank ‘cause he got chased
One, two, three, four, how many times La Cracka got faced?
Sprayed his ass, shot him in his eyes like he got mazed
My daughter, she like me, she be in school and she don’t play
Tyrese twerkin’ on the bathroom, look y’all, he so gay
Juju takin’ sink pictures, go and look y’all, he so gay
Bibby died in hilltop, Jamarius the same way
Rod K too, you know I smoke his ass everyday
Bibby in my cup, ooh, that boy got chase
With Kooda smokin’ Kendre, I don’t hit it off his brother face
I’ma put Foolio’s mama back on coke, the next thing he say
I like my tangy wings fried hard, I’ma eat his face
Ooh, died in his brother’s face
Always wonder what his brother told his mama to this fuckin’ day
Clean up man came through spinnin’ with a .38
Drilltime, I need some more beats, it’s way more opps to say


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