Squid O'Creek – Nightrain to Hope Valley

Letra “Squid O'Creek – Nightrain to Hope Valley” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

I don’t really care what you say anymore
I just wonder if it’s all really worth the fight
Now that I’ve turned tired and sore

Verse 2

I don’t really care what you do anymore
God knows you’re so crazy
That I wish I wish I never kissed your lips
I wish I just walked out that door

Verse 3

And I know that you said that it wasn’t worth the pain
But you’re not fooling anyone
Cause you know, aww you know
That’s you’d do it all again and again
You’ll just keep doing it all again wooo
(Stroke my ego)

Verse 4

You only got a glimpse of what you want
But you couldn’t let it go, no no
Instead you took it out on the innocent ones

Verse 5

You sit there and you analyze all the things I do
You call me scum, blame me for everything
But if my memory serves me correctly you were there too

Verse 6

So don’t you pretend that you’re on my side
‘Cause you may win this fight
But you see I’ll never lose
I’ve got too much pride
And I will until the day I die

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