Squid O'Creek – Savin'

Letra “Squid O'Creek – Savin'” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

I’ve got nothing to say to you
I’ve got nothing to say
And all the things I want to say to you
You don’t want to hear anyway


I’m saving what I can get
Waiting for the day I’m set

Verse 2

I use to be friends with the sun
Made him mad now he’s gone
So now I spend my time with the night
And everything is alright


I’m waiting for the day I’m set
I’ll let you know how far I get


I’ve been waiting, but nothing ever seems to change
If I wait long enough I’m sure things will go my way

Verse 3

Ya say you’ve got nothing left for me
And I’ll never be satisfied
Then you’ve got nothing to say to me
And you’re just wasting my time


I’m saving what I can get

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