Stephen – Is This Love

Is This Love – Stephen Lyrics, Letra:
I think I fell in love
With this girl I’ve seen
I wrote a song for her
She’ll never hear
And in this song of love
A poem was my voice
Her heartbeat was my beat
She’ll never hear

Is this love?
Is this love?
When I’m with you?
I’m in love!

I can’t let it go
I made a wish upon a big star
The sky’s an open scene
To run and wield
I really don’t know
If tomorrow we’ll be chasing the sun Remember me and this song
That I just wrote

First time I kissed you
The Earth stopped and I knew
I’m gonna fall
I need a map to never forget you

Yeah this is more than just a melody
So take my hand say will you dance with me?
Uu baby
I’m in love!
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