StreetManTV – Mystery Man

Mystery Man – StreetManTV Lyrics Letra:
I’m back at it again
WIth Balaclava on the beach two
Or maybe this is Balaclava on the beach three
You don’t fucking know
That’s the thing with me
You never fucking know
Let’s go!

Verse 1
‘Cause I’m a mystery man
You ain’t got a clue
About my life
‘Bout my dog
‘Bout the size of my shoe
‘Cause I’m a mystery man
I know you want some juice
Girl let me show you what I’m growing
In these circumstances too
‘Cause im the mystery man
My ego going wild
I’m gaining subs, climbing numbers
Insta-followers pile
‘Cause I’m the mystery man
This shit ain’t healthy yo
Friend are lacking, numbers stacking
But the fame is my bro
‘Causе I’m a fucking troll
I’ma fuck your hoe
Balaclava on the beach
Bro I stolе your dough
I’m gonna get some more
Of your family bro
First you sister, then you mother
Next up is your hoe
‘Cause I’m the mystery man
And you ain’t knowing shit
About my life
‘Bout my fate
And the size of my dick
‘Cause I’m the Mystery man
Bro I’ma make you sick
When you see me at your mom’s
Where I’m kissing your chick

StreetDaddy back at it again
Another banger
Featuring my vacuum cleaner
Mystery man on the beach
Slippity slap on ‘em cheecks
Mystery man on ‘yo bitch
She ain’t even hot I’ma ditch

Verse 2
‘Cause I’m a Mystery man
Here is for number two
I make her bark (woof, woof, woof)
She just like Scooby Doo
Like who the fuck are you
You’re like a stone in my shoe
My vacuum cleaner, like a bimmer
It’s even hotter than you
‘Cause I’m a Mystery man
Let’s go for number three
She wanna come for me
She even paid the fee
‘Cause I’m a Mystery man
I’m here to let you free
Ma’ girl I’ll let you flee
Like Call of Duty kill-spree
I’m rocking Jo Malone
I’m gonna follow her home
The scent of daddy right behind me
Bro she want some more
She gonna get some more
DHL to the door
Home delivery, she got shivery
Dick went deep to the core
‘Cause I’m a Mystery man
Yo that’s not hard to see
I’m going wild in you dreams
How fucking hard can it be
‘Cause I’m the Mystery man
You ain’t stoppin’ me
From getting bags, money, bitches
And you family tree!
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