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Suede – Life Is Golden

Suede – Life Is Golden

Life Is Golden – Suede
Lyrics, Letra:
(Verse 1}:
The same blood runs through your veins
The same strange way of talking
The same thoughts sink through your pillow
The same crooked smile

You’re not alone; look up to the sky and be calm
You’re not alone look into the light and be heard
You’re never alone; your life is golden

(Verse 2}:
The same blood runs through your veins
But you have the light of your mother
She holds her love to her
Tender breast

(Chorus x2}:

And they won’t love you tonight
Clap along to the resurrection
Carve your name in my tender skin
With your beautiful words
With your beautiful words

(Alternative Chorus}:
You’re not alone ‘cause the same thoughts I have in my head
You’re not alone with the city wind in your hair
You’re never alone; your life is golden

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