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Summer Walker – Anna Mae

Anna Mae – Summer Walker Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1
What’s temporary? Me or you?
You want me here to stay (Stay)
But your situation tells me that it’s a waste of time
But never mind all that, mmh
Boy, I’m serious
You know you don’t have to play
I’m already on the way
You ain’t gotta say shit
So he set the mood on some love shit
Made a couple jokes about fuckin’, yeah
Might’ve kissed few times but never made a move on no cut shit
Just enjoyed the time that we had laid aside to be numb in

All alone, we turned off our phones all the way
Your girl drivin’ your ass insane
And you know my nigga don’t play shit (Oh)
I say, “Babe, what we gonna do?” (Oh)
And you say, “We’ll have our cake and eat it too”
Too, our cake and eat it too, ah
Ah, yeah, our cake and eat it too, too
Our cake and eat it too, ooh-woah

It’s not the right time but
You say the timing is perfect
You want me to ride for you, on you, with you, my babe
You want me to lie
Say, “No, I haven’t seen this guy”
We doin’ the most
Takin’ pictures you know we can’t post
Can’t post
No, no, no, no, no (Oh)
All alone, we turned off our phones all the way
Your girl drivin’ your ass insane
And you know my nigga don’t play shit
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