Summer Walker – I Need Sum Money

Lyrics, Letras: Summer Walker – I Need Sum Money Lyrics

I need some money, nigga
The fuck Imma do with 200?!
What’s not ?
Cash at me right now
Hurry up
I need 20’s, 50’s, 100 bills
Steppin’ out my Benz in my Louboutin heels
?, I like a 4 course meal, and you know I ain’t gon’ pay
Dumbass nigga you know the drill

And I ain’t never had to pay and my ?
He’s like he love me, he want me, but I just want his money
His money, I spend it
His car, I whip it
My diamonds, they drippin’
These bitches real mad
Why? ‘Cause I’m drivin foreign I just pulled up in a J
Toes white (white)
You know this pussy tight (tight)
I fuck scamming-ass-niggas ? is delight (hahaha)
80/85 so you know ?

But it’s okay, sis
‘Cause I swiped his card last night (URGH HAHAHA)

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