Summer Walker – Shame

Shame – Summer Walker
Lyrics, Letra:
In a perfect world
You’re understanding, I’m not a perfect girl
I would drop my fears at the door
I will only bring myself and nothing more
And you let me be, a woman
And you let me be, a flawed woman
You would yearn to hear all about my past
What I’ve done, what I’ve did
In my, below my sick thoughts
And if I needed to, I could cry
And you would catch my tears
You don’t wanna be nobody else’s babe, no, babe, no
You don’t wanna be nobody else’s player, to hide from themselves

And I’m the one to blame

You see right through me
You see through the smile
You see straight through me
You push past the lies, oh
You got it baby
Oh, oh, oh

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