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Switchfoot – All I Need

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All I Need – Switchfoot
Lyrics, Letra:
Sometimes I feel so small
Like a picture on your wall
Like I’m hanging on just to fall
No matter how I try

So love sing to me gentle
That I’m more than accidental
More than just inconsequential
Burning out tonight

All I need is the air I breathe
The time we share
And the ground beneath my feet
All I need is the love that I believe in
Tell me love, do you believe in me

There’s a place down by the ocean
Where I take my mixed emotions
When my soul’s rocked by explosions
Of these tired times

Where love sings to me slowly
Even when I feel low and lonely
Even when the road feels like
The only friend of mine

One light
One goal
One feeling in my soul
One fight
One hope
One twisting rope
I’m ready to run where the ocean meets the sky

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