Switchfoot – Let It Happen

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Let It Happen – Switchfoot
Lyrics, Letra:
This life feels hollow and mostly borrowed
The voices are screaming but where is the meaning?
Noisy crescendos behind closed windows

The floor is the ceiling
I can’t find the feeling,
tell me love, tell me

Am I dreaming
And where is the meaning?
Tell me, love

Let it happen, let it happen
Tomorrow knows what tomorrow knows
You can’t make it get here sooner
Let it happen, let it happen
I don’t hold what the future holds
But I know you’re my future

The fever is breaking, my body is aching

What’s worth defending if everything’s ending?

The current is endless
The river relentless
Love, tell me love

Am I dreaming
Or what is the meaning of?
Tell me love?

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