T. Bailey – No Hook Pt. V

No Hook Pt. V Lyrics
T. Bailey – No Hook Pt. V Lyrics

Ok, yeah
Y’all with the one and only
Y’all already know how I get it
Aye, Chicago waddup?

Hey, you niggas all cap (scratch that)
I’m spitting all facts… fabricate!
Ain’t talking Tom bitch, when I say, I need Myspace
Ain’t talking Indiana, when I say, I keep up pace
Do my dirt, sweep it under shit, now it’s erased
Cause I’m sharp, “Tony the Tiger,” cause I’m great
Switching up my flow, like a labyrinth maze
This ain’t no luck, nigga, this shit is grace
Bodies on bodies, swear this shit a murder race
Went back to my roots, I seen the block in place
Grabbed a plate, of some soul food, from JJ Fish & Chicken
Fucked a shorty last night, found out, she was a vixen

I go hard, if I have to, excuse me if I’m trippin
I totе a 9 Glock, so excuse me, if I’m grippin
I’ll shoot it out, if my triggеr finger, get to itchin
A wise man talking, shut the fuck up, and just listen
They say, catch me while I can
I say, catch me while I care
I pull up, park, get out the whip, now everybody stare ha
I’m moving on up, so I skip a step, when I’m on the stairs
I’m the CEO, bitch, not the coach, not the player
When I’m around, it’s like a golden aura
Bag the baddest of them all, you get the tore up, from the floor ups

I turn a bitch into a secretary
Not looking for love, not even in February
I’m fucking these hoes, knowing that they temporary
I got this on lock, kinda like a commissary
Beamer, Benze, Bentley, I’m a choose the Beamer
Do not fuck with me, cause you know, I keep a stinger
I hit that last week, she resembled Selena
Had a Paisa freak, her name Sabrina

You an average nigga, so ya hoe, is all on me
It ain’t take much, to sweep her off her feet
It ain’t take much, just to get her, in my sheets
Like the Isley Brothers, now I’m closing out my speech
Martin Luther King, bitch, I had a dream
And made it happen, it ain’t what it seem
Keep the 9 tucked, add a scope, with a beam
She’s full of drama, like Love and Hiphop scenes
I ain’t Ginuwine, I need to know, what’s in those jeans
I’m serving juice, I need to know, what’s in that lean
I’m a prophet on this Earth, I could never be fooled
You a fuckin snake, we can never be cool
Gotta watch out for the suckers, reason why I keep a tool
When I say tool, I ain’t talking Home Improvement
If a nigga come for me, best believe, he gone get screwed and
My guys be hitting all the models
Ya bitch will switch, for a table and bottle
In the VIP, with all the stars, smoking on Gelato
Like a bird, I wanna fly away, just call me Nelly Furtado
My niggas bag it up, yeah, that’s rock work
My niggas transport, and tear it down, that’s Glock work
All you niggas do, is sit around, that is not work
AR scope, with a silence, bet it will not leave a trace
No hook PT 5, I’m already prophesying 8
Yeah, I’m one of the greats
No Hook, part 5

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