T.Roy150 X 86 Huncho – GetLow Boys

Letra “T.Roy150 X 86 Huncho – GetLow Boys” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: 86 Huncho

Mr GetLow 50 seconds bitch I took the dzz wanna walk down onna nia tryna see him bleed

Verse 1: T.Roy150

Dis 40 cal ah push ah nia shit he can’t even breathe make ah nia beg for his life like don’t kill me please

Verse 2:86 Huncho

I could get real disrespectful fuck ya dead mans hallows rip through his chest feel him up with led man slide dem doors back boutta shoot him out dis mini van pussy nia said he bout it but he really ran make 1 false move then its over

Verse 2: T.Roy150

Shoot ah nigga 4 times like ah clover throw his body inna lake leave his mama with no closure fuck dem kidz bitch
Chase em down da freeway catch ah nigga slippin put his face up onna T aye put ah neff nia life on layway

Verse 2:86 Huncho

If we miss double back like ah fuckin relay stop ah nigga in his tracks like ah fuckin delay bitch we could fight if ion got dis pipe on me

Verse 3: T.Roy150150

Catch you outta bounds we gon turn you into swish cheese leave ah nia stuck in motion like i told him bitch freeze

Verse 3:86 Huncho

Catch his ass lackin run up on em ahhh catch his lackin run up on em we need everything ahhh catch his ass lackin run up on we need everything my ni**a walked in the store n got ah bitch ah $30 promise ring

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