T.Y x Dodgy – Jail To Road

Jail To Road – T.Y x Dodgy Lyrics Letra:
Gang, gang
We the guys now
Bounce on it, bounce on it (hahaha)
Free the members dem, listen

Verse 1: Dodgy
It’s more than a Trizz-ac
They know it’s not safe, don’t step in the Zone
Two got fed and bled in one night
That’s Karma for the talk on phone
Still keeping up with Mischief
But it’s okay cos the trap brings funds (bubu)
Bro just slapped out two, no Birmingham yute, but he missed that punk (pissed)

Verse 2: TY
My Zone 2 mad, man get stabbed or worse, get coin in your face
Karma’s real so I keep it close
Big man ting, I don’t play no games
Took a loss on both, that’s a double L and a bando stressing
I’ll slip and I hit the gym
Done 21 months in that jail, I was benching

Verse 3: Dodgy
The last time I jumped in the van with the gang
I tried get me a Percy
It’s TT flake getting whipped
And I got chocolate chip, no Hershey
Tell bro that zoot tastes chippy, but I heard Hunch had him doing twirlies (haha)
Bro just dodged on a bird like eagle, but he’s doing time on curly (freak guy)
The whole gang’s moving backward (what)
YD got grabbed, just rolling with the .9 (*tut*), madness
Now he gotta bank that Tec with vass, not black
Would fly that flag round there, we a rival
On God, man you soon get captured (on God)
Verse 4: TY
I told bro don’t care if it’s bait, give me the word and I’ll stop this car
Front left door, buss open, got him, we’re smoking anch and let him get far, nah
Don’t get yourself in a Twix, get burst if bro bro grab the star
This flake is can of a winner, it guarantees cats moonwalk on Mars, look
Jail, I was living on smarties, chat to Barbies, need me a Cardi
Tell Keisha send Maltesers, and I heard that about you my man said about one Sav upfront, no FIFA (joking)
Don’t feel mans all like Rita, inject and twist not slice like pizza

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