Tacani – Steph

Letra “Tacani – Steph” Official Lyrics

See i could never discuss this with my sister and brother
Even though we share the same mother i dispise they father
She share the same genes with that man i can’t stand it
Only reason i have a brother is cuz they can’t plan shit

Can’t believe i was in his arms
He shoulda died in that war and took those arms and shot himself in the head
Cause momma wasn’t making no bread
So she stayed with that motherfucker instead

They was angry as hell when the school called in
Cause apparently it wasn’t true what i told them
What the fuck was i feeling if it wasn’t your grip
It’s at the tip of my tongue get my momma tongue of your tip

I rather blow a fucking clip than hear bout you and you bitch
Cause i know you treat your new stephson like shit
But i guess there’s no cure for a narcicist
Man fuck you fuck off

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