Verse 1: RTM MaineKia boys, Kia boys what you g"/> Tae Rackzz - Free RTM Lyrics -

Tae Rackzz – Free RTM

Letra “Tae Rackzz – Free RTM” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: RTM Maine

Kia boys, Kia boys what you gon’ do?
Boys get behind us, gon’ be a high pursuit
414 Forte catching up to the coupe
Can’t get scared when you see the red and blue

and it came with the roof
Kia girls out here shaking ass, me too
Left, right, up, down, show me how you move
Ain’t tryna fuck, baby you can get the boot

Verse 2: RTM Varion

Me and Maine off a ark so you know we ridin’

Lil’ baby thought I was barkin’, listen to my song
Left, right, up, down, damn this bitch kinda

Doing tricks all on the dick in a Kia Soul
Baby said she a freak so she

Heard RTM the mob so I had to let her know
She drop it low, pick it back up, and do it slow
Lil’ baby wanna fuck me cause she heard I’m

Free Trav, he the youngеst nigga dodgin’ on the lows
E-brake, bust it down then

Stop saying free causе that lil’ nigga told
I be throwed as bitch, drinking green on the lows


Verse 3: ShantiiP

Told me, “Throw some ass”, so he better throw some cash
I don’t want that nigga, he just wanna eat my ass
I put in his mouth then he ate it from the back

, I got yo nigga spending racks

Verse 4: Tae Rackzz

E-brake the Soul, free my nigga Trav
Take a nigga Bape then we go and laugh
Maine hop up in the sport, it’s got the shaking nines
Throw it in sports and go to running laps
Where you at?
Where you at?
Shout out Chucky P, I make yo bitch throw it back
I got a switch up on the Glock, you running track
He tried to bust it down, he rookie, heard he smacked
The whole mob fucked that bitch, she a gnat
RTM the mob, you better go and check the stats
I just wanna fuck, I don’t really like the love
Free Big Germ, he’d send a couple slugs
Chase a nigga down and lay him down like a rug
Yo bitch smell like fish, you don’t throw her Dove

Verse 5: RTM Lilsixx

‘round the city
This is not a Kia truck, bitch, this a Honda Civic
Speak on one of us then you scoring like the Pistons
She said, “Why you took that

Lil’ bitch, I’m from the trenches
Like woah, woah, woah (Woah)
Bad lil’ bitch hit the floor
Popped him in his shit, tried to reach for my pole
I put the bitch up,
on the low
Smittys, Smittys, XDs, Glocks, what we toting
Bye bye bitch, she be on the
and Locust
we lit, come and poke us
Knocked off his sneaks cause his dick started stroking
Whip the bitch out then we shooting down Locust
Tory with a 30 and he know that I’m blowin’
Catch that boy, shh, up in traffic, I’ma yolk him
Thinkin’ I’ma lick, walk up you

Popped him in his shit, he tried to shake low
Lil’ bitch wanna fuck cause she heard that I’m Big Rack
Three bands down, my nigga, get your lick back
If I don’t come and get you, I’ll have Maine push yo shit back
Boy, I’m thuggin’ in a Forte

in the worst way
Bitch said I was
, yeah okay
Stuff her body up, throw her body where the fish lay
Spin three times, pop out on my worst days
Try to take sumn off of me, you’ll lay lay

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