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Thinking Of You (Letra) – Busted

Thinking Of You (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Nowhere else I’d rather be today In my mind a million miles away She’s on fire Like no one else could get me higher I guess I’m just a fucking liar No matter where I go No matter what I do ...

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New York (Letra) – Busted

New York (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: I’ve been walking down on fifth street Took the a train all the way to fifty nine Hanging round columbus circle I’m just drifting as the day turns into night I’m a little bit tired I’m a little hungover I don’t know ...

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I Will Break Your Heart (Letra) – Busted

I Will Break Your Heart (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Londons bridge and with our land of pain I’m thinking “oh my god This can’t be happening. ” Looking backwards, I can see a trend It’s gonna be a mess that we can never mend I hope your oxbridge ...

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Kids With Computers (Letra) – Busted

Kids With Computers (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Standing at the albert bridge I can see your face Wondering how did this become Such a dirty place I can see it when I don’t wanna believe it Another one down the neck and I’m undefeated Find another day that ...

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Those Days Are Gone (Letra) – Busted

Those Days Are Gone (Letra) – Busted Letras da musica: Time comes in, world’s wideout And now like [and?] think about Where you are? Where you’ve been? Do you still remember anything? Well it’s hard to just say Goodbye to the times we had All the summers spent together Now ...

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