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Forget Me Letra – Saviour

Forget Me Letra – Saviour Letras da musica: Take me to incredible places Where I can be faceless I want to regret everything I do I want to neglect everyone but you Teach me to care less Teach me I’m careless Now that you’ve met me Don’t you forget me ...

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Undead (Letra) – Saviour

Undead (Letra) – Saviour Letras da musica: I’ve been waiting my whole life To turn my days off repeat To feel alive To feel my heartbeat I’ve been waiting my whole life Just to feel the sun shine on my skin And I know I don’t deserve it’s presence But ...

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Pressure and Composure (Letra) – Saviour

Pressure and Composure (Letra) – Saviour Letras da musica: They can only catch us if we slow down So take my hand cause stitches Are for bitches man We are all so capable of great things Just incapable to believe it Maybe we’re defeated If you don’t want to go, ...

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