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Canna-Business (Letra) – Testament

Canna-Business (Letra) – Testament Letras da musica: Now that the government have woken up And cleared their eyes They’re getting tolerant For medicine that’s growing wild Canna-business is away of life Healing the sick while all the rest get high Canna-business is living for the dream Stoned world order is ...

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The Pale King (Letra) – Testament

The Pale King (Letra) – Testament Letras da musica: I was awakened by the howling of the dog Or perhaps a wolf Summoned by the voices Who are shouting in my ear The pale king comes from afar Before the time, who will decide I’ve lived to see one thousand ...

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Stronghold (Letra) – Testament

Stronghold (Letra) – Testament Letras da musica: Elected to the show And our freedom never knows How is who and where to why we fail Those who are in charge In controlling who we are When there’s nothing we can even fucking do Up rise stronghold Fight for survival, fighting ...

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Born In a Rut (Letra) – Testament

Born In a Rut (Letra) – Testament Letras da musica: Born in a rut, raised to love abuse No innocence, never needed an excuse To lie and cheat, the word on the street Is just I am just no good, right? (yeah, I know I’m not right But I just ...

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Neptune’s Spear (Letra) – Testament

Neptune’s Spear (Letra) – Testament Letras da musica: So goddamn long, we’ve been searching Why has it taken so long An open mind is a weapon Loaded and keeping it strong The answer might be a question Got my sights set to kill Never asking for permission We always do, ...

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