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Carry On (Letra) – Traumer

Carry On (Letra) – Traumer Letras da musica: Simple minded brain For now you succumb Nothing changes your way This world insists to be the same Based on our mistakes The flowers fade along the road Don’t blindfold your eyes So loneliness becomes the law Of a senseless life Follow ...

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Symphony (Letra) – Traumer

Symphony (Letra) – Traumer Letras da musica: Spreading rage just like fire Too astray from the path I don’t know how to escape From this nightmare at last And one day we’ll remember Laughing out of the past Singing angels will bring All the joy we all miss Symphony Our ...

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Let You Go (Letra) – Traumer

Let You Go (Letra) – Traumer Letras da musica: Leaving past behind Trying to keep my sanity Don’t lose control Never lose your hope Million things you see It’s in your mind And I just want to run away Nothing is going right A shelter from the rain we find ...

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Father Time (Letra) – Traumer

Father Time (Letra) – Traumer Letras da musica: Walking down the path That leads me to my memories Pacing all the way Without a care in my stride Where are the friends of my yesterday Have they moved on with they lives Can we still laugh And joke about things ...

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