Tate Vikernes – Devil Made Me do It

Tate Vikernes – Devil Made Me do It Letra /
Devil Made Me do It

Letras / Lyrics:

Where they start the fight
In gas station was quite bright
No one saw a lot
Just a blood mark in the spot

If you wanna go
We can be investing in the case
If you wanna win, just repeat what I say
And don’t even care if you guilty or not
You said it’s Satan’s fault just for not getting caught

Where have you been?
I’ve been looking for you all day
I think you just can’t listen anyway

You fucking liar, I just asked you to stay
You said you’re innocent and said: I’m doing it my away
So you won’t believe what the cops just said
They found their bodies in the very next day

Tate Vikernes

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