Tatiana Manaois – Lover Girl

Lover Girl – Tatiana Manaois Lyrics Letra:
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
It’s in the eyes,
You don’t see it coming,
And almost everything you do makes you feel something,
the butterflies,
inside your stomach,
and now you’re making all these moments out of nothing

I thought I knew
That’s when I found the one
But I’m forced to face the truth
That I’m just a lover girl

Now what do I do?

With no one to love,
Lat lat lat lat laa (you know hahaha)
I’m just a lover
With no one to love
Latlatlat (heheh)
I’m just a lover

Maybe I’ve been wasting all my days,
Dreaming of someone who don’t even know my name,
I think it’s time that I stop searching,
I find someone and think he’s perfect,
just because he knows my favourite songs

That’s why I don’t, no I don’t know
in someone
doesn’t feel the same way too,
cause’ I’m just a lover girl

Now what do I do?

With no one to love
lalalalalala (heheheh!!)
I’m just a lover
With no one to love
lalalalala (sing it in your own way peace!)
I’m just a lover

I gave all my heart away
Hoping that I’d get it right,
When it comes to love,
I guess I don’t know much
I hope it all gets easier with time

I’m just a lover girl.

Lalalalalalalalalala (huhuhu)
I’m just the lover
With no one to love
Lalalalalala (rawrrr)
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