TEC – Murda

TEC – Murda Lyrics Letra:
What you said bitch?
What you say?
What you say LUWHOP

Purple babys slangin iron bitch we bodied up
Let that Tommy bust that’s that fourfive bitch come try ya luck
Big knots in my pockets like I been beating on them bitches
Really put them murdas down even ms. Ketha know we did it (murda)
No I ain’t got this bitch to stunt me
Pull up to my house leave you dead in front it pull a Bun B
Opps ain’t smoking none of my homeboys no nigga ain’t finna taunt me
Just copped two new yoppa eight niggas dropped em in one week
Can fuck all my opps babymommas but I do not fuck with straggalas
Baggage claim transport alot of bags I’m a traveler
Tell them spiders web up we come hunt you like a scavenger
That 30 blast we clap it up dark purple flag no lavender
Bitch that’s wat I bleed we come creep like TLC
Been a vet up in these streets so I went copped that 3LT
Draco 24 karat magic this that Bruno Mars bitch
Blits him why he in that studio dissing wack who he record with
Yeah pull up in that whip that kilt the Crocodile Hunter
Seat got basket ball leather and I’m flashing all hunnits
Shot percentage excellent I put up basket ball numbers
Joe Biden my president but in my backwood still Obama
And I just got a pack same color as Donald Trump skin
Don’t never vote but keep them poles so I can give a fuck who win
Who that be thats Lu Nem? Better let them do them
Bitch we ain’t doin no attempts pool of blood come and swim
Dive in there and get em try to save yo podnah
Take this bullet shower with em we spray em with choppas
My spiders got deadly venom end em when them bitches bite
His body a cheap ticket send em on a spirit flight
Ion thank they hear me right money up I’m living right
Plus a nigga bout they business ain’t a nigga stealing my shine
Still living like James Bond
In Vegas two white hoes snorting the same line
That shit Crazy
Turn up purple baby slide step on shit from left to right
Its a celebration they freed Big Brazy my brudda 4L
Free Lit Mezzy it be nation conversation when we on the phone
Fans asking why you ain’t dropping that new shit cause he ain’t on the song
Why the fuck they always on Lu dick
Prolly cause they don’t know how to get a bag all they making is excuses
My bitch like Harpo who this? this just a prostitute bitch
She give me all Blue scripts but I never fuck ha coochie THAT LU SHIT

Mutha fucking murda
Mutha fuckin murda rip
Sweet Jones bitch…

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