Telic – Invade (Lyrics) ft. KotyKillem & TrippyThaKid

Invade (Lyrics) – telic ft. KotyKillem & TrippyThaKid Lyrics, Letra:
[KotyKillem – First Verse]

I don’t love that bitch she wants my dollas
Yeah she outta luck
I don’t really see a problem
If I say that I wont fuck

Invade in your veins black parade with the chemical
Romance is dead all that said is subliminal
Cash for my head they treat me like a criminal
I do not care I’m an angel no biblical

Down from the heavens I come from the prophecy
Fucking shit up like “what have you done?”
Crown on my head and ain’t nothing is stopping me
A threat to myself so I’m grabbing the gun

Shit is really real like that
Takes your whole lifespan to really realize that

Like that

Promise that I’ll never go back
Made it here, nothing will ever hold me back

[Hook] (x4)
Here we come
From above
Where you from
It don’t matter
You can’t stop us
We got power
I’ve been floating
Off of ours

[TrippyThaKid – Second Verse]

What do I do now
When I know that im gonna be new out
And I get everyone bumping that new style
They like “damnit I thought that we knew kyle”
Well fuck em they hardly knew kyle
And they probably thought I was too wild
So it’s funny they paying they dues now
And they showing some love to my crew now

I’ve been feeling perfect already and nothing is stopping me
Know that you doing it right if they copying
Opps aint gonna get shit from me
Dumb cops always tryna get sick on me (nah)
Im from the moon and I’m running it (aye)
Me and my homies are coming in (aye)
I need the money so cough it up
I am an alien coming to fuck it up

[Hook] (x4)

[Telic – Third Verse]

Empyrean, know we came down from the heavens
Experience ways of a king, not a peasant
Bring you to your knees, dont need a weapon
No more eulogies, dont be a lesson
We believe in peace, dont get to stressin
Only killing beats, did it, no question

Always look out for the MIB
They be making the different ones DIE

Speak out, invade your house, get taken out
Leak out, your brain and veins will be a spout
Seek routes that least about and make it count
No more changing lanes, the way is sound
No more playing games, I’m playing crowds
Make you know my name without a doubt

Granted this planet is ours for the taking
Planned it like bandits and now we’re invading
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