Teyana Taylor – Concrete

Concrete – Teyana Taylor Lyrics Letra:
My body’s your addiction
Your touch is my affliction
I speak you never listen
Somehow we stay consistent
Rehearsing my thoughts on the way to your crib
Overnight bag in the back of the whip

You dictimize my feelings
Then judge the way I’m healing
I thought you grew up Christian
Let’s talk about forgiveness
But wanna sit and breath on the phone
The silence is telling me somethings wrong

We can’t fuck it away
We can’t tuck it away
We can’t drink it away
Hennessy it away
We can’t fight away
Can’t one night it away

Tryna get next to you feels like a burden
Why am I so confused if we’re for certain
Too much on my mind
Too much on the line
To let it just slip by
Every time

That shit like talking to concrete, concrete, concrete
Harder than concrete, concrete, concrete
I need something concrete, concrete, concrete
Concrete, Concrete

We can’t moan it away
We can’t blow it away
We can’t lay it away
Day by day it away
We can’t text it away
Can’t finesse it away

Gaslighting my emotions
Somehow you got the notion
A woman’s better broken
But nigga don’t provoke me
When I get reactive you tell me to chill
That’s that toxic shit that I can feel

I weaponize the pussy
You strong enough to push me
I call you on yo bullshit
You take it as I’m pushy
Tell me what’s worse looking crazy or weak
Don’t know how I got tangled up in your sheets

We can’t take it kiss it away
We can’t wish it away
We can’t throw it away
Ignore it away
We can’t

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