Letra “TEYO (US) – CHECK THE BELIEF” Official Lyrics

Was coming back for a minute, couldn’t fathom the signs
We out here tagging these signs, there’s a line between you and me, so don’t get it twisted
I be paving a way so my brothers could live it
And, I be coming from the garden state the holy place where I be making these moves like every single day
And they couldn’t catch up when I’m breaking it seems
So I’m breaking the scene, in every single way

For every step you take forward I’m like 6 steps ahead
And instead of complaining, you should go get your bread
My voice belongs on the beats, outshining some who rapping every day of the week
Thats a trait of Yung T, that just the life that I lead
Give my heart to my home, cause they see what I see

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