TG Thizzkid – No Mercy

TG Thizzkid – No Mercy Lyrics Letra:
mom said im cool
I’d kill all my ops first name of the bedical big ass chop send his ass straight to medical speaking on the dead get you killed its not acceptable that nigga better duck cause this glock got a redical. All his dead homies can go lick up on my testicles. kill a nigga then i hide the body im professional. this glock kill niggas and bitches its bisexual let me stop tripping cause they snitchin marty federal. ??? like the nba i’d take a nigga car like its gta i’d rather buss a stick then run a fade i step back and shoot like dwyane wade how come nobody talk back when a nigga pray probably cause i put some bitches on a fucking blade rest in peace rome wish that you could’ve stayed if its beef im on yo head like some fucking braids grew up thuggin with my niggas but i’m self made instead of speaking on tg get yourself paid i been tryna chase a bag since third grade all yall niggas likes some squares like spades if a nigga want some smoke then i up k my money got blue stripes like a blue jay baby girl i’m not your daddy im not blueface i ain’t with bloods but im sliding in that new wraith and i show no love like i’m nle and its strictly only brothers like sob my name means god gift but a demon in me my niggas murder air beat its a killing spree 6 feet in the casket where yo body gone be if a nigga wanna speak on me and tg my chain bust down splashing just like the sea that nigga say he wants some smoke better pick a tea all yall niggas outnumbered we like 30 deep when its war i stalk my ops like a fucking creep i got that chop thats that mop ima let it sweep i mix the lean with the perk to help me go to sleep these niggas stab you in your back cause these niggas cheese its not the shit i hear nigga its the shit i peep dont try to come to the hill cause u know its steep my jacket big white and fluffy like a sheep i’m just tryna touch a mill like im fucking meek the glock dont make a sound cause it got a beak when i pull i pop out shoot and sneak im a virgo was born and raised in the v im a hot nigga i bring the flame that’s a guaranteed i’m the type to wear a hoodie when its 1000 degrees they got my nigga in the cell when he need to be free my niggas spill nigga we dont spill the ??? u can call about the ?? cause i keep them tools I’m quick to trick a nigga likes its april fools i rob a nigga out his bands and all his jewels since he got his first check he think he cool maury said bring the gas so i brung the fuel niggas step on opps neck like a step stool my dog eat yo dead body like a fucking ghoul ion show no mercy mob said im cool (gang). un un un un bitch bitch bitch tg

Contributor: TG ThizzKid

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